Martin: The tour striker is assisting me in understanding what my body has to do to achieve hitting down on the ball. I have been playing and practicing religiously since taking up the game at age 55 and now 71. Many lessons later and a series from one the top 100 teachers in the country named by golf digest produced little understanding of the golf swing. The simplicity in your training video was a factor in being able to utilize the tour striker in drastically improving my ball striking ability. I have watched the video every day since purchasing the club in September 2011 and impressed with your teaching ability. This purchase is the most significant piece of equipment in my golf bag that is my go to club to continue to reshape my ball striking ability. This club was recommended to me by a club member (a graduate of the Harmon School) who is better than scratch and uses it daily in his practice regimen. Sincerely,

Bill Zotto The Villages, Florida

Martin, I wanted to give you some feedback on by golf season which was 2012. Actually, we are still playing on Saturdays up here in Connecticut as we have had to this point another mild winter with soft grounds and grass that is actually still rather green. Anyway, regarding your product, in a word, sensational!!!! I have gone from a 12 down to an 8 in one short season with all the credit in my estimation being attributed to the Tour Striker! I always had a good long game off of the tee and with fairway woods & hybrids, a solid short game too, but pedestrian at best was my iron play. Since I purchased your product, last January (I think) that has all gone away. I WAS the quintessential ‘scooper’ of the golf ball and through your product, really with limited use and / or practice; I finally found what the sensation feels like to hit down at the ball. Previous 5-irons are now 7-irons; 8-irons are now wedges, sand wedges which in the past basically went vertical, now travel up to 85-90 yards and the shape and crispness is unlike anything I have ever experienced prior to this wonderful training aide. To date, I know of 4 folks that purchased the Tour Striker as a result of my recommendation and I will continue to promote its benefits to all I come in contact within my golfing circle and beyond! Thank you Martin for this wonderful invention and more importantly thank you for making the great game of golf that more enjoyable for those of us previously void of this concept. Happy & health holidays to you and your family!


I just wanted to say thank you for developing the 56-degree wedge. I’ve been as low as a 2-handicap in my lifetime, but over the past several years, I’ve developed some bad habits that turned into a severe case of the ‘chip yips’ resulting in either blading wedge shots across the green or chunking them short of the putting surface. I’ve taken lessons from teaching pros, read magazines and books, watched videos and practiced long hours. The thing is I could do fine when practicing, but when on the golf course when it really counted, the ‘chip yips’ would take over. Progressively this disease was spreading out further and further away from the hole on greenside chips, pitch shots, sand shots and even full wedge shots. This put more pressure on my long game and my handicap was climbing into the high single digits. After using the Tour Striker 56-degree wedge for a couple of months, I’ve FINALLY conquered the ‘chip yips’! It’s helped me understand that my right hand was uncontrollably flipping at impact trying to help the ball into the air which was resulting in inconsistent contact, either bladed shots or chunks. The Tour Striker 56-degree wedge helped me feel the correct swinging motion. By keeping the shaft leaning forward and hitting with a descending blow, my ball contact has become consistent once again, my touch and distance control have returned and my ability to put more spin on the ball and stop it closer to the hole is better than ever before. And as before, the impact has progressively spread further and further away from the hole as now my chips, pitch shots, sand shots, full wedge shots, irons and woods are all benefitting from consistently good ball contact and a much straighter ball flight. Best of all, my handicap is back on a downward trend and the game is fun again! Thank you,


I finally decided to buy into the tour striker #8 training aid. I have been golfing for more than 25 years. I am now 57 years old. I love the game. I have bought many training aids and many different clubs hoping that my game will improve. My handicap is a 12 and has been there for the last ten years. I have never known about the address position and the striking position. I now understand the concept of getting under the ball for more height and distance with control. I love the training video that came with the club. I can honestly feel the power of the club hitting the ball now. I am hooked on using the tour striker. Thanks for making such a training aid that is easy to learn the correct fundamentals of the golf swing.

Kelly Mortenson Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

I swear to tell the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me golf Gods. So here is my story. I’ve been playing this game for 3 years now and have never taken lessons. I am the definition of a sweeper, with no shaft lean or hands forward, what so ever. In three years I worked my way down to an 11 handicap, one hole-in-one and managed to play my game with how I thought was the way to play it. I hit all of my clubs higher than one could imagine. I had no distance with any of my clubs, other than my driver which I played forward and elevated off a tee. When my playing partners would hit 6 iron, I’d play 3H and fall short. I had become so frustrated with the game, I’d storm off the range with half a bucket of balls left. I couldn’t get comfortable with playing the ball back and with my hands forward. I brought my hadicap down because I had killer short game with my sweeping way and could putt well. One day I came across a guy at the range, who noticed my swing and showed me the Tour Striker. I hit it a couple times but didn’t use it enough that day to really get the full effect. I ended up buying one and it has been the only club I’ve taken to the range my last couple visits. I left the range yesterday with the biggest smile…because it finally CLICKED!!! I was totally comfortable with the hands forward, shaft lean and hitting down, which this trainer forces you to do. I am very excited to what the future in this game will bring me. I RECOMMEND this trainer to anyone who reads this and/or played like me…Yes, PLAYED like me. Thank YOU!!!

Devin L.

I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the Tour Striker! I received the 7x iron about a week ago and have practiced with it 4 different times. I am a 2 handicap that played college golf 35 years ago. The feedback was immediate. You either hit it correctly or you don’t. After four short practice sessions, I finally understand the correct motion in the golf swing. My shoulder turn was too far inside. My hands were opening on the takeaway. My club face was open at address. I am now able to square the club at address. My hands move freely back and through the swing. My body rotation through the ball is now more vertical instead of under….eliminating my normal hand flip. My divots are consistently ahead of the ball and straight at the target. All of this instruction without a spoken word. I feel like a man with a new lease on life. Thank you…thank you…thank you.


I started playing golf about 9 years ago or so. Never really took lessons until I had played for a while and then only a few (not recommended). I thought I was emulating a two plane swing. Got to the mid 90s or so and just couldn’t make any more progress. In addition, I just couldn’t understand why my shots were always much shorter than others I played with. My brother mentioned to me that it looked like I had the tendencies of a one plane swing which he had switched to. He is basically a scratch golfer so I asked him to teach me the one plane swing. I have been working with him for about a year. He kept telling how important the grip was and that I needed to feel that lag in my grip but I just couldn’t seem to get the feel. I was always to hands in my shots but just couldn’t feel it. After purchasing the Tour Striker 8 iron recommended for high handicappers I watched the video very carefully several times. Besides all the other excellent information Martin has on the video I was particularly struck by the description of the feel of the lag. Martin’s statement to have your eyes on the ball and your mind in your grip is right on. It was exactly what my brother has been trying to get through my head. I also watched the section on grip several more times and can simply not believe the difference that it has made to build the grip from the impact position up rather than from the stance position. This has had an enormous impact on hitting the ball much more consistently, on target, and with the correct impact position. I took the Tour Striker to the back yard and hit plastic golf balls with it for a few days. I then took it to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls just before a round of golf, alternating between hitting a few with the 8 iron Tour Striker and my Ping K15 8 iron. I can not put into words the dramatic difference this has made in the very, very short time I have had it (about a week). I went to the driving range today and practiced some more with the Tour Striker, again alternating between the Tour Striker and, this time, my Ping K15 7 iron. After I would get consistent hitting the Tour Striker well I would switch to my 7 iron. I have been normally hitting my 7 iron roughly 130 to 140 yards at best. Today I was hitting it between 165 to 175 yards. Martin states that it is all you can do to pivot your core and hold on to the lag in your grip/club. By focusing hard and doing this there is an added bonus. Your core is trying to out race your hands to keep the lag pressure and it is almost impossible to end up on your right leg (reverse pivot). It forces you to follow through and end up with your weight on your left leg. In addition, as he mentions, you don’t get the feel that you are swinging as fast but you are swinging with abandon because your core is turning hard to keep in front of your hands. Feels slower but hits much harder! WOW. Just had to tell you that this has got to be the best thing I have ever done for my golf game. Looking forward to working with it more and improving my game. Thanks,

Jeff Burr Kansas City, MO

Martin, Thank you so much! Buying the PRO TOUR STRIKER was the best money that I have spent b/c my ball striking was so bad I just thought about quitting the game because I WAS SO FRUSTRATED. There WERE SO MANY DIFFERENT SWING THOUGHTS IN MY HEAD that I CAN NOT BEGIN TO TELL YOU – And to be able to go back to the fundamentals because of your INSTRUCTIONAL DVD that you SHARED WITH ME and it made a INMEDDIATE DIFFERENCE last night at the PRACTICE RANGE. The Pro Tour Striker does not lie to you and lets you know that you how you hit the ball. There are friends of mine who hit this SEVEN IRON (which ya’ll made with an additional 1 inch added to the shaft and a jumbo grip) that are able to hit between 175 to 200 yards at least. This just amazes me! And they can draw the ball with NO PROBLEM. YOU HAVE A FRIEND HERE IN SOUTH GEORGIA! I APPRECIATE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW!

Sincerely, Michael W. Wilson

I use what Jim Hardy refers to as the single plane swing. I was told a couple of years ago by my pro that I was flipping at impact. I have tried everything I could to try and insure that my hands were in the proper position at impact but could not tell if I was succeeding or not. I had also been hitting a lot of fat shots. After practicing with the tour striker and following the video in regards to grip I had an AHA! moment when I began to keep my right hand feeling like I was pressing down the lid of a garbage can. I had been recording rounds in the low to mid nineties and after practicing with the tour striker for the last couple of weeks and this past weekend played five nines and was 45 or under on all of them. My iron shots are crisper, the trajectory is consistently much better, and the ball is stopping quicker on the green.. The contact I am making on chips is much better as well. Over the years I have bought a lot of Golf improvement tapes and equipment some good some bad. This is the best training aid I have come across.

Bob Lowe Leeds, AL

Hi Martin, Just wanted to send you a note and a sincere thanks for making this fantastic training tool. My ball striking and confidence is improving with every practice session using my tour striker. For the first time in years, I now understand how to use my “tool”…….the golf club. I got it. The amazing thing about the tour striker, is that it makes you realize why a club has bounce, lie angle and loft angle, and not just what those terms mean, but actually how they apply to hitting down on the ball. I now know how to get the maximum effort out of each club and now strike the ball effortlessly, instead of the other way around. My overall swing speed jumped to 115 mph, because I am now striking down at the ball and not swinging through the ball. I know that might sound crazy, but I don’t swing anymore…….I strike the ball. You have to use the tool to understand. Things have changed so positively in the last 2 months, I had to have my irons adjusted, and now need a new driver because the tour striker has improved my ball striking mechanics. I am very pleased with the product, the video and quality customer service. To other golfers….you need this tool if you want to get better. Use it intuitively and teach yourself how to use your golf club. You will be amazed and surprised. Thanks Martin, Sincerely,

JB Philadelphia

I recently purchased the Tour Striker 8 iron, and initially had difficulty hitting it consistently; however, I soon realized that although I had not hit it as well as I had hoped, it soon became apparent that the practice session paid off. Just visualizing how I had to swing the Tour Striker to hit down and through the ball, allowed me to do it with my regular clubs. My first round after two range days using the Tour Striker off and on with all my clubs, I hit the ball farther, straighter and more consistently and, six strokes better. Incredibly, my next range day, I actually hit the Tour Striker more consistently. I am 64 years old and started playing at 50. My last two rounds have been the most enjoyable in a long time. I am not trying to hit the ball far; consistent ball striking with good shoulder turn is my goal. I am certain that with continued work with the Tour Striker, my scores will lower and be more consistent. Thank you for a great product.

Drake Robles Fernley, NV

Hey I had to tell someone might as well be you guys – Since I got the Tourstriker on line from one of the Golf Stores I have broken 80 on numerous occasions and lowered my Handicap from 11.6 to 8.4 in a matter of months. From video lessons, I knew my fatal flaw was cupping my wrists, actually increasing loft and I was always 5 yards short, so I say why not try this thing – right from the start it made my action so much better! Do you know how much more fun it is shooting 77 and 78s then mid 80s- tons more fun ( I belong to a traveling club, Happy Hookers Golf Club in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, just go on our site Happyhookersgc.com for verification) and you can see 3 out of the last 6 times I have been in the top 2 – THANK YOU TOUR STRIKER!!! Your product is the bomb!!

Johnny G!

I can’t quantify the amount I have spent on “training aids” that have not really helped anything but THEIR pocket book. BUT, then I read a recommendation from J Graham and seen your ads and decided I would try one last time. I have hit over 400 balls now. I used to play consistently in the 90s and 100s. Since using the Tour Striker I am find my scores in the 80s and can see my goal of making it into the 70s truly reachable. REASON: I am averaging 15 yds longer on all my irons and woods, my long irons are much more consistent and easier to hit and my short game (100 yds and in) is now coming in softer with more accuracy. This is truly the first time I have felt I received my monies worth. And friends I play with are noticing, asking questions and one has already bought one and he has played for 20 plus yrs. Thank you so much for a real training aid. Money well spent!

Rick Palmer – Amarillo, TX

I am emailing you for the reason of telling you my results after only having the Tour Striker for 1 month. My plans on using the Tour Striker were simple. I was going to the driving range with only the Tour Striker for the first two weeks. This period also included playing no golf. I used the Tour Striker during this period for about 500 balls. Then I decided to use the Tout Striker and just and 8 iron. (I bought the 8 iron Tour Striker.) I used it this way for about 250 balls. I would hit the Tour Striker for two balls and then the 8 iron for two balls. Only played two rounds of golf during this period. Sunday April 10 I hit the Tour Striker to warm up (about 25-30 balls) and then decided it was time to take my game to the course for the test run. Do I have your interest? Let me begin by telling you I am a 13.8 handicap. I have checked my past years scores and in the month of April thru Jun my scores were consistently 84-88. First of all the first thing I noticed was I was hitting the ball 10-15 yards longer than EVER before. So I actually teed off the first hole which is 388 Yard par 4 with a 3 wood. I was left with 145 yards from the middle of the fairway. Did I tell you I am 55 years of age. Ok final results front nine even par 36 and the back 9 was 41 (got really windy 20-30 knots). For a net 77. I never broke 80 at this course in the 12 years I have been playing this course. There is no way you are ever going to get this club away from me. Best money I have ever spent. Thanks.

Jean W. Poulin – Delphi, IN

No technical questions, just wanted to comment directly to Martin. Tour Striker Pro is an amazing training tool, revolutionary! I have to say that the dvd that comes with it is truly amazing as well. The way you explain the pivot as the catalyst of the swing and maintaining the lag created by the pivoting, has to be the best instruction I’ve probably ever had. The way you explain it gives me a better understanding of what I’m supposed to be doing! I think I finally get it… Priceless … Incedible! Thank you!


Martin, I have had the Tour Striker Pro 7-iron for a couple of weeks, and it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. A nice surprise is that is helped me identify the bottom of my swing, so my ball had been out of position. Once that was identified, the ball-striking improved quite a bit. The real reason for this note is to tell you about our golf pro and the Tour Striker. I had told him about it, and when it arrived he asked to use it in his lessons. He has one on order. He caught my ear last week to tell me that he had given six lessons that day and that three of the students were going to order Tour Strikers for themselves. He is pretty excited about it as a teaching tool. Thanks for such a great product. And incidentally, the video that comes with the club is worth the price of the club. That is the most succinct and clear explanation of the golf swing I have ever seen. It was just what I needed to hear from my personal perspective. It is very instructive to think only of impact position and not get too hung up on how one gets there. Sincerely,

Jack Byrd (7 hdcp) Cleveland, TN

I have had the tour striker for two weeks. I’ve been working with it every other day to build up muscle memory. Hitting down on the ball is what all or some instructors tell you to do. The tour striker is the best training tool in the world. Today I bet some guys that had always bet me. My striking the ball was so good I couldn’t stand it. The one shot that stays with me was a par three 135 yards, I hit last the first three guys hit and nothing hit the green. I had a 7 iron got it up right at the flag putting birdie. The other guys bogeyed the hole… Thank you Tour Striker I am forever grateful. P.S. I am driving the ball great, hit every fairway today.

Jimmie – Freeport, N.Y.

After receiving my Tour Striker, I took it to the range the very next day. After a short adjustment period, I finally felt what it was like to be in the proper impact position. Once I started hitting the Tour Striker properly, I immediately became more confident with my own irons as the transition to my set was easy. After a few days off, I played today and warmed up with the Tour Striker. I had the best ball striking day with my irons!!! I was so pleased to hit my approach shots confidently knowing I would be in the proper impact position. Thanks to the Tour Striker, I can start playing more freely and hopefully start breaking 80 more consistently. Love this product!

Rob Kowalski – Dallas, TX

I just purchased my Tour Striker three days ago and have had a chance to hit balls twice at the range. I was able to hit it solid after just a couple of balls and was surprised how easy it was to get the ball on the middle of the face. As soon as I started alternating a few shot each with my TS and 8 iron, I found I was hitting my 8 iron solid and with confidence. I followed that up with some tee shots that just jumped off the face of my driver. I plan on making the Tour Striker part of my regular practice from this point on. I am a low single digit handicap and can’t wait to see how this new ball striking works on the course. I will have to adjust my yardages on each club, a good problem to have. Thanks for such a great tool.

Floyd Field – East Bridgewater, MA

I have been using the TourStriker 5 iron as my foundational practice club for a couple of months. It has totally transformed my swing, my ball flight and extended my length by 10 yards [in the irons]. For anyone who wants to learn how to “compress” the golf ball and feel the integrity of a sweet hit, this is your training tool. I look forward to a great year of golf!

Jeff Koth – age 55

This product is great !!! I have practiced with the tour striker 3 times for about 30 minutes each. The results were amazing for 3 short sessions. I now know what it feels like to hit down on the ball. I picked up 10 yards in distance on all my irons. I’m still not consistent yet. I’m at about 50%. I feel that with more practice over the next few months I should be at about 80% to 90% consistency on distance. Golf is becoming fun and exciting again.

Robert T. – Foothill Ranch CA.

Best training aid ever. Before buying it I already had a few games in the upper 60s. So I knew how to hit a ball. But TS really caused me to stop focusing on the swing and more on impact. This alone is remarkable. Another benefit is my iron game is better than ever. I would recommended it to all golfers, even those who know how to hit a ball!

Randy R. – P.S.: Thank you!

Martin, I’ve been stuck as a ten handicap for quite a while now, mostly due to inconsistent ball striking. I’ve been putting in lots of time at the range and practice green, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘quality’ time. I recently received the Tour Striker 7 Iron Pro-X and have taken it to the range several times already after watching the instructional DVD that came with it. I did not get a single ball in the first bucket more than ten feet off the ground! However, I learned quite a bit from those worm burners. I realized that I was definitely flipping the club at impact, and as a result was playing in the dreaded ‘fourth quadrant’. I was losing the pressure on the grape that I was creating during the transition between backswing and downswing. Armed with this knowledge I attacked the second bucket. Now, not every ball was great, but what a difference! Focusing on ‘squishing the grape’ I managed to compress the ball, get it in the air and contact the ground after the ball. After hitting several very solid shots with the Tour Striker I switched back to my irons and was able to transfer the feeling from the Tour Striker effortlessly. That’s the real beauty of your product, you’re making real swings with a real club. There is no transition curve to apply what you learned to your actual equipment. Needless to say, I’m a firm believer in the value of the Tour Striker and am looking forward to cracking that single digit handicap barrier on the way to scratch! Thanks again for a great product and have a great New Year! Sincerely,

SFC Brett Ott Ft. Stewart, GA

Hey Martin, More feedback on your Tour Striker, Now I am really Convinced. I bought mine back in March 2010 and it really helped, I kept using it along with help from my pro Jeff Ferry in Hawaiian and got my game in much better order. I did find that after a while, swinging the club did not seem to help because I never miss hit it. (I was wrong). So I quit hitting it and actually loaned it to a buddy who kept it for about 6 months. In that time, my game seemed to get worse but I did not make the connection. When I got them 8 and 5 pro back from him, I went to the range and it took me 10 tries to hit the 8 Iron Tour Striker. WOW< My swing had changed and I did not realize it. Since that day, 2 days later and the next 2 weeks, I won low net in my club twice and 1 stroke off the other. ( I hadn’t won in months!) I am never loaning my club again, I encourage my friends to try it with me at the range, but I am determined to Keep Hitting them every practice and warm up session. If you ever need a testimonial I would happy to oblige! As an aside, John Lynch is working with my pro and commented that he knew you. Sincerely

Les Vasconcellos Honolulu Hawaii

Martin, Thank you! I’m a 13 index. Playing for a little over two years, in love with the game. I’ve been taking lessons and improving steadily, but solid contact comes and goes. I bought the Tour Striker Pro 7i, feeling pretty sure it would help. I watched the video. None of the bare info was super-new to me as my teacher says many of the same things, but (and I was a writing teacher for many years, so I can really appreciate this) the way you said it, hit home. Especially the grape image. I went to the range. I was able to hit the ball with the TSP pretty crisply right away, and then it started to get away from me. Typical. Then I remembered the grape image. My swing suddenly got very solid. Switched to my own 7 iron, and thwacked it like I never have before, much higher on the face than I usually do. It was frikkin awesome, but that was just the beginning of the best practice session I’ve ever had. I started working on my wedges, defining distances from 15 yards to 115. The grape thing – keeping that downward pressure on the shaft with the pad beneath my right index finger from the top, down, and all the way through impact – made the contact so crisp and accurate, I couldn’t believe it. And then I took that feeling to my driver. I am always fighting for consistency with my driver. Today, I hit it straight as hell, with monster distance. It was suddenly so easy. Please God let me hold on to this feeling! But at least for today, thank you, Martin! It was like… playing with Shivas Irons. Your pal,


Dear Tourstriker: I received my Tourstriker last week and had positive results from the 1st ball. I was already able to hit a good ball, but have not been able to do so consistently. By the end of my first session the change was translated to my other irons. My distance has increased also. The key for me was the step by step grip instruction on the DVD. I have always had a decent grip, but doing it exactly as instructed brought about instant consistency. I am always skeptical of golf training aids. There is no magic bullet. Honestly this is the first I’ve purchased. But there was enough clarity in the online video to make me believe it might just be the real thing. Thank you for a great product.

David Mikesel North Carolina

Dear Martin and Stacey, I’m sorry I haven’t reported back until now, but today was the first time I’ve had a chance to work with my Tour Striker. WOW! My first time working with my “Striker” and for the FIRST time in my life 1.) I actually had a great time and.. 2.) I now understand the meaning of “hitting down on the ball”! Oh yea, I also hit my irons futher, straighter and the ” feel” of stricking the ball correctly was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in all my life!!! I honestly never thought that I had it in me to strike a golf ball like I was actually doing! Now. I GET IT and it’s GREAT! As you can tell, I am blown away! And at nearly 60 years young, that ain’t easy to do!! I was so excited, I started calling all my friends from coast to coast to tell them of the “miracle”! As I shared with you when I first contacted you; you’re passion and love for the game comes through in a very warm and genuine manner. Now, in my honest opinion, you have taken that passion and created the best training aid that is a one of a kind AND REALLY WORKS!!! I think every PGA teaching pro should be required to use the “Tour Stricker” with their students!


I got the Tour Striker because had been unsatisfied with my ball striking, which was very inconsistent with lots of fat and thin shots. I didn’t have any real trouble hitting the Tour Striker off a mat, and it simply reinforced for me a different-feeling takeaway (steeper and less arm-ey), and hitting the ball with my hands ahead of the club head. The results were pretty quick- I’m simply hitting my irons much better. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I had my best round ever a few days ago. Thanks!

Ian Mill er

I live in Sao Paulo,Brazil Tks God for you guys!!!! My first month with this incridieble T Strlker ( #8 ). First time in the driving range I thought that the TS is another fake product. First 20 balls and wanted to throw it into the lake to the crocs! Then i remembered wat you said in the dvd… or a the web … or in the testimonials… “Pay attention, keep it easy and let the club do the work for you” or something like that BAAAMMM! After 9 years playing golf , now I can understand how to hit easy and consistent shots. Still had some bad ones…. but now I know why !!! I’m not worry about scores but they are improooooving a lot ( last sunday played 82 for the first time this year ). Any golfers… You MUST have this if you want to have fun again in Golf Sorry ’bout my english Tks again

Carlos Alfredo de Carvalha

Thank you for your speedy delivery. Started using the Tour Striker on Wednesday 15th and by Thursday 16th when I played golf I could already notice a great improvement in (a) my iron play and (b) my pitching and chipping. The club is great for teaching you the correct position of the hands at impact. I certainly wouldn’t be without it now and try to hit a few balls each day which keeps my iron play in good shape. Everyone playing golf should invest in one of these, it’s the best training aid I have ever seen or used and believe me I have, and have used nearly all of them.

Barrie C Myhill.

Hello everyone. I just received my new TS pro (modified for me: 1′ over plus 2 deg up) within a week of ordering. Great Service. I took it to the range today, hit it off the mats instead of grass, and within 5 balls was ‘covering’ the ball again. It was a feeling that I had years ago but lost, and even after numerous lessons couldn’t get it back. My handicap index had risen from just over 3 to about 7.5 as I was flipping at the ball instead of hitting down and through it to compress the ball. Well’after hitting about 50 balls with the TS pro, I switched to my own clubs with the immediate effect of watching and feeling the ball coming off my clubs like a rocket, with a lower trajectory and more of a penetrating look to it. I didn’t expect such an immediate positive result, but this club forces you into the correct position’or else!!! Again thank you for the great service, great product. PS. The DVD is well put together and very useful in explaining how to use this product along with relevant practice routines. Cheers,

Bruce Shaw North Vancouver, BC

This is the answer I have been looking for to help me retain my angle and get my hands ahead of the ball.

Mike D.

Dear Sirs: This is just to let you know that I had my first hole-in-one on 2/15/10 after using your product, the Tour Striker Pro, for less than a week! It was an uphill par 3, measuring 154 yards, and I used a 6 iron. I saw that my playing partners were all short and left (there was a slight crosswind coming from the right), so I decided to be aggressive and hit over a bunker which was on the front right of the green (which was why I think everyone was avoiding the right side). I hit it flush and it came back just right. I saw it bounce near the pin and I was hoping for a close birdie putt. Because it was an uphill hole, I didn’t actually see the ball go in. As I approached the green, I couldn’t see my ball – I became concerned that I might have overshot the hole. After about 30 seconds, my cart partner suggested that I might check the cup. Sure enough, there was my ball! In fact, the ball mark was only four inches away from the cup – talk about pinpoint accuracy! I absolutely feel your product (Tour Striker Pro) was a big reason for my hole-in-one. I have always been able to score well, but I have never thought that I hit my irons as crisp as I should, or that my distance was what I thought I deserved (especially for the amount of practice that I put in). Using your product has been a revelation. For the first time, I really feel the ball compress and I am getting consistent distance and trajectory. Also, the wind is affecting my balls much less if at all, and I can be aggressive through the impact and not be scared of my usual shot – a hook or slice (probably partially due to my left wrist not being flat). Swinging your club, even without a ball, before my round, reminded me of the correct position. For the record, I shot a one-over 74 (par 73). I had a chance to shoot an even par round, but since the hole-in-one was on hole #17, and I was so excited – I had a bogey on #18! I look forward to seeing how much I can improve using your product. Thank you again for a great product. It absolutely works.

Darren S. – GHIN Handicap 10 – Honolulu, Hawaii

I shot an 83 from the tips at our harder course. It’s by far my best round considering the fact that I had a hard time breaking 100. I was averaging 96. The Tour Striker along with lessons helped me get there. I am hitting about 1.75 club lengths longer. I’m no longer worried about being too far out because I know an easy swing will get me on the Green. Thanks Again

Andre Galiber

Golf is easy, even when you strike the ball like a pro. After only 1 hour on the driving range I hit the ball solid and with a better distance. So now I can give more power to my stroke. I’ve tried for 2 years to kill the early release and I think, with this club and some more hours on the range it will be done. Thank you very much (excuse my bad english)

Juergen S. (from Germany)

First let me say that I think your product is revolutionary. It is teaching me to create lag in my swing, which is a “conscience” image. It is also teaching me to hit down on the ball and compress it, which is done intuitively because of the club design. The big surprise for me is that it has had a dramatic effect off the tee, and with my hybrids and fairway woods off the deck! After practicing with the tour pro a few times, I had my most consistent tee game ever. I contribute this to creating lag by rotating my torso and letting my arms follow. The progress with irons is improving, but much more slowly. I’m hitting down more consistently with the striker than with my irons! I’m hitting some quality shots with my irons, but not with the same consistency as I am now hitting my hybrids and woods. Since the Striker is an intuitive tool I am not going to over analyze this and be patient. Thanks for listening

Nathan S

I’ve now had several sessions at the range with my Tour Striker, and results so far have been encouraging. I tend to suffer from the usual faults afflicting high handicappers, and I especially am prone to “flipping” my hands at impact and hitting thin shots. I’ve found that by practicing with the Tour Striker, I am slowly getting out of this habit and have begun to hit my iron shots much more solidly by being forced to hit down on the ball. On the course, I’ve noticed that my iron shots are mostly taking healthy divots and I hit far fewer fat and thin shots. I’m confident that continued practice with the Tour Striker will totally eradicate these mishits. In short, I think it’s a great training aid which teaches you as much about correct impact in half an hour of swinging as a bunch of lessons, at a fraction of the cost. I would recommend it to anyone who is seriously looking to improve their game and learn to hit the ball correctly. – Yours Sincerely

Dave L. New York

I purchased the tour striker this summer. I am an avid student of the Golfing Machine by Homer Kelly and can tell you that no swing aid, of which I have many, has put my swing in the impact position necessary for good golf as your product. It has improved my iron play at least three strokes. I am ten yards longer with every iron in the bag. My main issue has been over hitting greens. Thanks for that problem, it is a fun one to have

Roger K.

Mr. Chuck – Just a quick note regarding the Tour Striker. Mine came in this week and I was able to take it to the range today. I must say that I was impressed. I expected it to help me find that good contact that I currently get only once out of every 6 shots, and it did that well. However what I was not expecting and was pleasantly surprised to find is that it helped me feel how to use my arms equally. I had always believed that the short iron shots were predominately right arm dominant (I’m right handed) and that the long irons and woods were a left arm dominant shot. For some reason with the Tour Striker I was able to feel how to use both arms equally. I could tell when I overpower the swing with my right arm (which now I realize is the cause of me hitting behind the ball). Over all an excellent training aid that I will definitely recommend to my friends. Thanks,

Richard Virginia Beach, VA

Dear Martin, I just wanted to let you know your service is great. Ordered the club on Sunday night and got it on Wednesday. Rushed to the range to hit balls with it and after a little tweaking of my wrists started striping the ball 150 yards with it. I then switched to my Titleist 690.mb 8 iron and hit the 150 yard target at will. You have created a great product. If you plan to do infomercials on the Golf Channel, you better up production. You will sell a bunch. Very satisfied golfer

Ed R New Orleans, La

I just tried my Tour Striker iron out the other day. I hit about 15 – 20 balls with it, enough that I started to hit it properly more often than not. Then I grabbed my 7 iron. Just the sound alone of my first strike blew me away. I turned to a friend of mine and just said “WOW! I remember that sound.” He said that he thought I was a pretty good ball striker before but apparently not. Shot after shot exploded off my club, took off with a penetrating flight, left a nice even divot and just felt awesome. Some of my members came over to see what we were doing so I let them hit the club. With the S-300 shaft it is on the heavy side but they got the hang of it. Then they took their own clubs and proceeded to smoke em! Just wanted to let you know that you are on to something with this and that I am a big fan .

Lance M. PGA Professional Mizner Country Club Delray Beach, FL

I really look forward to the TS Pro coming out and, if anyone is reading this and thinking about purchasing the TS, my advice would be go ahead and do it. It certainly is the best training club I have ever had (and I have had quite a few!!)


Hi Martin, First of all thank you for such a great product, it is the first training aid I have used, and gave me instant feedback to how I was striking the ball and how I SHOULD be striking the ball!

Ray (Australia)

I’ve used the Tour Striker for about two weeks and I think this is one of the best golf training aids ever. It requires no set-up, you actually get to hit golf shots and you get instant feed back, fantastic training club.


I received your Tour Striker a few weeks ago and I have to say that it has really changed the way I hit my irons. I always used to throw the clubhead at the ball from the top and ended up casting and flipping big time. On video, my hands would be in front of my right thigh at impact and behind the ball. Just a few solid shots with the Tour Striker and now I know how it feels to have the hands ahead at impact. My wrists are much looser and it seems like my arms and hands are working faster through the impact zone, instead of stalling and flipping. I can totally feel the lag now. I also have the PBS (Pure Ball Striker) and that has helped a little as well. The feeling was pretty easy to transfer over to my regular irons. Great training aid!


Martin, I’m a “range rat” I admit it. I enjoy spending time outside and working on improving my ball striking. I have had, at one time or another, just about every “training” club ever offered. Most did little except make me feel silly. When I saw the Tour Striker in the bag of our club pro, I asked to try it out. It was an eye opener. If I worked to get my hands ahead of the ball at impact, it got an amazingly good hit. The ball was not too high (I hit high balls) and seemed to penetrate like a bullet. If you want my complete review, check Amazon. It is titled as “The It Club”. I rate it 5 stars and will likely wear it out. Love it!

Tom Temple Hilton Head, SC