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  • Under-Over Drill Hit a Draw with the Under-Over DrillIf you tend to come over the top and your main miss is a slice, the Under-Over Drill with the Tour Striker Educator will help you get the club to track into the ball providing a draw bias. Using the Tour Striker Educator, start with the white Educator arm between your forearms at address. In […]
  • Shallowing Your Swing Plane For Powerful StrikesToo many people, trying to hit a draw, tend to whip it inside and then come over the top. The Under/Over Drill will help you shallow your swing plane by letting the club orbit inside out with the correct understanding of your wrists and hands. Using the Tour Striker Educator, you want to start with […]
  • Putting with the Tour Striker Educator Use your Educator to Sink More PuttsThe Tour Striker Educator is an extremely versatile training aid. It creates an improved awareness of the clubface up by your hands and arms. Being able to see and feel the relationship between what your hands are doing and your clubface helps “Educate” your hands. A number of training aids on the market have a […]
  • Circular and Rotational A Golf Swing is both Circular and RotationalA golf swing has both circular and rotational elements to it.  I often encourage students to swing a club up off the ground because it’s easier to understand.  The problems arise when you try to tilt that circular and rotational move over to hit a golf ball. This is one of the reasons I created […]
  • Tour Style Wrist ConditionsTRANSCRIPT Tour Striker Nation , Martin Chuck here. Welcome to another episode of instructional stuff just to get you thinking, maybe help you with your game. So we just finished up a golf school last weekend and the folks that come to see me typically struggle with behavior where the golf club gets too steep […]
  • Play Better Golf by Educating Your HandsTRANSCRIPT Hello, my name is Martin Chuck, inventor of the Tour Striker training clubs. Today we’re here in beautiful Indian Wells, California. At the vintage golf club. I’m going to introduce to you the Tour Striker Educator. Okay. First thing I got to show you how to put the Educator in your golf club. You […]
  • Hit Great Bunker Shots with Increased Bounce and LoftHit Great Bunker Shots with the Educator Do you struggle with green side bunkers? Especially ones with a high lip where you can barely see the flag? Do you feel anxious just thinking about it? The Tour Striker Educator can be used to help you hit great bunker shots. Most people struggle in bunkers because […]